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Small introduction to tarology

Tarology is a designation chosen to indicate divinatory art using cards or tarots as a medium. Neologists used this name for the first time. But tarology is also a practice based on a set of beliefs, specific to divination as to the existence of enigmatic forces or imperceptible links between things. The origins of this practice are very varied: some come from ancient Egypt, others have a bohemian origin etc.

History of the tarology

The first use of cards to divination could date to the year 1500 with the release of Chaos del tri per uno. It is Merlin Cocai or Teofilo Folengo who wrote this literary essay of divination reading with tarot cards. Towards the end of the 18th century, the first known and attested documents were created in Boulogne, Italy. For France in particular, Antoine Court de Gébelin introduced the tarot of Besançon or Tarot de Marseille. This type of tarot is still used until now. If you draw on draw-tarot.com, for example, you can ask for a Marseille tarot. He has his own ways of making the draw, his own numbers of cards and his own compositions depending on the things you want to know.

The different cards of the tarot

In general, the 22 major arcana are the main cards that have values ​​when making the draws. The others have the role of supporting these main cards. These 22 main cards are I who is the juggler or the magician, the II who is the popess or the high Priestess, the III who is the Empress, the IIII says the Emperor, the V called the Pope or the Hierophant, the VI named the Lover, the VII says the Chariot, the VIII which symbolizes Justice, the VIIII who is the Hermit, the X which represents the Wheel of Fortune and the XI which relates the Force. The last 11 cards are XII or Hangman, XIII or the nameless Arcane / "Death", XIIII or Temperance, XV or the Devil, XVI or the House God, XVII or the Star, XVIII or the Moon, XVIIII or the Sun, XX or the Judgment, XXI or the World and XXII or the Mat.

What is tarology ?

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