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Are tarologie and psychics compatible?

It is far from the time of traditional clairvoyance. This time when everything was distorted in a perfume of mysticism and misunderstandings. This clairvoyance, thought to have been reserved for the uneducated, is now over. Indeed, traditional clairvoyance is accessible to everyone and is addressed to all. It has as many attractions and facets as questions it can answer. From the tarology to the psychic, its new facets offer answers adapted to all types of questions.

Tarology: analysis of maps

Tarology is one of the many tools used by clairvoyance to offer answers to everyone. Remember, clairvoyance is a science that goes far beyond the concept of magic without foundation. This is a complete process to get answers. Thus, it is obligatory to use supports before being able to claim answers in terms of clairvoyance. The recurrent and most widely used facets of clairvoyance are tarology as well as astrology.

In the case of tarology, it is a science related to clairvoyance using maps as a basis for analysis. Thus, the analysis is done using maps in a certain order. Impeccable know-how is essential if you want clear answers with the tarology. There are several types of tarology, but the most common is tarology using the 22 major arcana. A session of tarology can be done after only a few minutes.

The tarology and psychics

The psychics form a new current in clairvoyance. Like a numerologist, a psychic uses the psychic side of clairvoyance in order to offer answers to everyone. It is therefore a further support added to the list of supports of clairvoyance. Like all other media, it has its own constraints as well as its own advantages. Only professionals can use it for clear answers. Let us note that the psychics can perfectly use the tarology. They are two complementary supports that can be used together to perfect the analysis and to have answers that are all the more precise.

What is tarology ?

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