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Tarology or astrology ?

Tarology and astrology are both instruments used to know future events. They are also used to understand the present situation. These two concepts have different bases. If astrology focuses on the study of the stars, tarology questions cards.

The study of the stars

The astrologist studies the position of the stars in order to obtain information on the present as well as on the future. Indeed, the stars have an influence on the individuals. They have an impact on the different aspects of his life. He then analyzes the alignment of stars, planets, etc. at the time of your birth relative to its current position. This analysis allows him to know the aspects of your character, your feelings, etc. It will also give information about the stars that are in your favor. In astrology you will know which ones will have more impact on your life. It touches different aspects of your life: love, work, mood changes, etc. You will then know the effects of the stars on you. It will also reveal the course of future events. You will know if future situations will be filled with beautiful moments or if difficult times will be overcome.

The revelations of the cards

In the tarology, the clairvoyant interprets the cards to determine the mood for the coming days. You will have to make a draw by tarot cards. According to the instructions of the clairvoyant and the arcana used, the number of prints may vary. Often, three prints are made revealing each past, present and future. The seer will then interpret the cards according to the symbols that will be inscribed. The drawing of cards can also be done in relation to particular questions that you ask yourself in your life. Indeed, if you go through difficult times in your love life. You will be able to question the cards to know the best decision to take. By knowing the course of future events, you will know how to take the right path to secure your future. You can also combine these two methods. This will allow you to have as much information as possible. You can both influence the energies around you to create a positive aura in your different activities and decisions. Astral predictions will allow you to prepare for any eventuality.

Tarot and visions of future

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