SEO Is So Simple, Even a Child Can Make Bank With It

Most people out there think that Google is some kind of a Skynet computer that can detect anything and everything. They basically just confuse themselves with a plethora of information that they consume because of that.

I was recently doing some research and found out that a 14 y/o girl was making around $1,100 per month consistently by doing SEO for her fanatic blog!

How crazy is that?

seo is a childs play

That’s what inspired me to write this blog post because I know how lost a person can be when it comes to SEO. So, to make things simple for you and increase the chances of you making more money online, these are the 5 steps you should remember and keep repeating when it comes to SEO to ensure that you are on the right track.


  1. Look for Keywords that are Bankable

There is a reason why almost 99% of SEO coaches tell people to do proper keyword research beforehand. That’s because the keywords you choose, will be the foundation of your website and how your business will lead.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to make a list of keywords. I suggest choosing at least 10 keywords.

Once you find the right keywords, you should then throw them in SEMRush and see how you can reach the same audience but by targeting keywords with lower competition. Make a list of the keywords that you plan to target and register your site and get going.

Any person can do this if they are not overthinking the entire SEO thing.


  1. See What Content Other Sites Have and How You Can Improve It

This is important because content is the king.

Check out what types of content other websites have and how you can improve it.

Do you think that a particular website’s coverage is not enough? Or do you think that you can explain things in a better, simpler way? Or do you already know some of the deeper things and unknown things about the subject that you can provide?

Ask the above questions to yourself to know which angle to target and then exploit it.

Remember, the angle that you target, is basically your advantage against the competitors. So you want to hammer that advantage as much as possible.


  1. Make Things Easier for Robots

Remember, robots are the ones who discover your site and rank it in Google. And while it is highly important that you make things appealing to a real person, you also want to make sure that the robots aren’t having a hard time finding out what your site is all about.

You cannot neglect these robots, crawlers, spiders or whatever you want to call them. They are the ones who decide what topic your website is about and whether it is relevant to a particular keyword.

Make sure that your navigation is as simple as possible

Keep your URLs as short as you can because robots love to save time and resources

Do not hide any text on your website

Make sure that your pages are crawled often by these robots. Usually they crawl on a daily basis.


  1. Focus on Links, Not Likes

This is what I like to call the Like Syndrome. You think that your popularity on Facebook will affect your Google rankings. And it might slightly affect that, but the biggest effect on your website will be from the links that you get.

And since our focus here is to rank as high as possible, you want to make sure that you are getting high quality links from websites that are famous, or at least have a high authority in the eyes of Google.


  1. Authority Over Links

SEO is a long-term game. If you are not patient, you will end up digging your own grave.

Google is looking for authority these days. And building that authority has more to do than just building high quality links. It is about becoming a thought leader in your industry, providing great content and helping other people improving their daily lives.

There are several ways of building that authority.

Start going offline and meet people in real life. Start with networking with people and try to create a group. Once you start getting a feel that your group needs something and you know that you have the right information, then present yourself.


Lastly, you want to make sure that your business is brandable and provides real value. And by providing high quality content and credibility, and combining that with SEO, you will have a business that can easily make you money. And all you’ll need to do after that, is scale it as much as possible.

Now you see how easy SEO is.

There are companies who just do SEO to improve businesses. Check out Mumbai real estate SEO Experts Facebook page for that.

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Everything You Need to Know About Approaching Women During the Day

Let’s be honest here. We both know that you cannot meet more women if you don’t get out of your house or just go to clubs during weekends. You’ll only meet drunk girls at the club which are no fun to talk to. The best thing you can do today, is meet women during the day. But that thought scares you because how do you do that?

If you think that you would annoy her by walking up to her during the day, then you are right. And that’s the reason why you need to read this article because it will teach you how not to annoy her and instead, it will make the whole moment exciting and amazing for her because almost no one has done this in her entire life.

Checkout SashaPUA, he teaches the best way on how to get a girls number and arrange a date and everything.

So, here we go.


If you think it’s weird, then it is weird

If you’re talking to a girl and all you’re thinking about is “this is wrong. I shouldn’t be talking to her” then you will make the whole thing weird. You have to remember that walking up to a girl in a coffee shop, a bookstore or anywhere is only weird if you make it weird. Once you are able to relax yourself and not think that it is a wrong thing to do, you will notice that girls too will enjoy the conversation.

The best way to get rid of that feeling, is to just start doing a ton of approaches. That’s the best way to get rid of it because no amount of books or YouTube videos will be able to do that for you.

The more approaches you do, the more you learn and the more you get are able to control and get rid of that thought and emotion.

To have a head start, you can just let the girl know that you are feeling weird doing this but you just had to do it because she was so beautiful. And then notice her smile.


Women want you

Women are not the same as men. Ask any woman and she will tell you that if they have never met someone who was able to shake their routine and pull them into the moment and just make them forget about everything.

Most women meet men at a bar, which doesn’t make a good story. But if someone met them on a street and just shook their entire day-to-day routine in a way that she simply cannot think about anything else, then that makes a great story to tell.

Remember, the reason why you are doing approaches, is because you want to make their day better and make them smile. I have to say that the good ol’ cliché of “you get what you give” is true. The more people (especially women in this case) you are able to make smile, the better you will be.


You get instant confidence points

Have you ever noticed anyone walking up to a girl in the middle of the day just to chat her up because she was beautiful?


So by just walking up to a girl, you are separating yourself from 90% of the guys out there. And the best part, the woman instantly thinks that you are a confident guy just because you did that.

Now all you have to do, is control your body language when approaching a woman. Just make sure that your head is up, back is straight and your arms are relaxed by your sides. And when you are talking to her, make eye contact and give her a friendly smile when you are approaching her.

Make sure that you are not fidgeting when you’re talking to her and be able to maintain your confident body language.


Deal with Rejection

The worst thing you can do when you’re starting out, is try to find those perfect lines that will ensure that you always get her number, etc.

Remember, you will fail a lot of times before you even see a ray of hope. There are so many things that are going through a women’s mind when you approach her. And you have absolutely no control over what she says or does.

The best thing you can do at this point, is embrace rejection and move on. Remember your primary reason here, you are trying to develop yourself while still being able to make their day better.

Also, make sure that you are not overthinking the whole thing or having approach anxiety. Sasha has a great post and video on getting rid of approach anxiety.


Lastly, if you are able to get a women to talk to you for a couple of minutes, be ready to pull the trigger and get her number. Most women will say not, but if you are persistent and making everything fun, you will notice that you almost always end up with their number. Below is a video in which Sasha tries to ask the girl for her number but she straight up rejects him. But he stays in the conversation and is persistent and eventually gets the number of this hot girl. Check it out.


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