Online tarot : what is your future made of ?

The divinatory arts gather all the occult and arcane practices which consist in predicting the future. By the way they are well-known for millenaries: indfeed the Pythia in the Ancient Greece were very famous oracles, respected for the accuracy of their predictions. As for the arabic civilizations, they used to use the astrology, which consist in studying the position and the motion of the several celestial bodies to predic the incoming events. So they hoped for anticipate the natural disasters to be able to protect from them. Nowadays these practices are becoming more and more popular among the outsiders: indeed who has never dreamt of knowing what the future helds? So they hope for find their inner peace and lead a more serene life.

What is tarology

The cartomancy consists in studying the cards to predict the future or define the personnality of someone. The more known and used kind of cartomancy is tarology: it is based on the relationship between the tarot pictures and someone's life. Each picture illustrates a personnality trait or represents an event which happened. From the drawing of the cards, the fortune-teller is able to predict the future of anybody. Although the first origins go back to the end of the eighteenth century, it is considered that the tarology is so much more old in fact: indeed its source could be found in the Ancient Greece, as the Pythia. This practice is often criticized by the scientific communtiy, who reproach it for its lack of concrete founding. However it helps many people in finding peace, by explaining to them the meaning of their life.

Tarot and visions of future

The tarology is based on the link between the drawn figures and the sequence of events on earth: the fortune-tellers think that there are invisible forces which connect each other, and follow these connections to predict the future.

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